the power of unfinished

Nabil Murad
1 min readMar 17, 2023

“Just one more episode before going to bed”

Have you ever told yourself that only to still be hooked 3 episodes later?

Storytellers leverage powerful psychological principles through cliffhangers to keep audiences engaged in the experience.

The Peak End Rule

states that we tend to judge an experience by how we felt at the most intense moments of the experience. It leverages the power of our emotions to keep us connected to the story.

The Zeigarnik Effect

we are likelier to remember interrupted and incomplete experiences more than complete ones. It leverages the power of curiosity and the brain’s need for closure to keep us invested.

Is he still dreaming?

Christopher Nolan is a master at using these principles. Think Inception, Tenet & even Memento. We keep the conversation going long after the experience has ended.


How can we, as youth coaches, tap into these principles to create practices that engage athletes and keep them coming back for more?

Stay tuned because I have some suggestions. . .



Nabil Murad

Full time professional youth basketball with an avid interest in meta-learning. Passionate about youth development, behavioural psychology and storytelling